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Tax News Highlights - 01.07.22

Tax News Highlights for the week of 01.07.22: a legislative update and guidance drop.

Thriving On Social Media As An Introvert

Social media is like having a big party or meeting every day! If it's too much for you, here are some thoughts on how to thrive.

COBRA Premium Employer Tax Credit

Employers mandated to provide COBRA benefits should make sure to take advantage of the new tax credit for premiums paid.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 03.12.21

See what's in the American Recue Plan and how it turned out in Tax Court for a guy claiming business expenses with no business, or expenses.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 03.05.21

An all-night reading session, important modifications to the stimulus bill, PPP guidance for Sch C filers, and an attempt at ERC guidance.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 02.26.21

Texas and Oklahoma see extended federal filing dates, minimum wage hike causes stimulus probs, and the IRS calls BS on new DPAD claims.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 02.19.21

IRS apology needs work, stimulus and PPP update, plus a look a proposed legislation.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 02.12.21

My #TaxValentine to you, stimulus & PPP updates, and a Case of the Fridays.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 02.05.21

Legislative update! Proposals galore, stimulus talks, and a vote-a-rama round out a head-spinning week. The SBA was a busy bee as well.

Tax News in a Nutshell - 01.29.21

New shuttered venues grant program FAQs, Yellen spends time listenin', and PPP/ERC interplay guidance slowly moves forward.

Who's Down With PPP?

PPP guidance and forms at your disposal .

Listen, Learn, Grow

This week is dedicated to using my tiny platform to recognize and amplify the diverse voices of other great tax and business professionals.

Crowdfunding Gone Wrong

Crowdfunding can be a great way to start a business if done right. Here's a lesson on what not to do!

It's Not Business, It's Personal

Businesses must make difficult decisions based on financial factors. How you execute those decisions and communicate is everything!

Building Mental Strength at Work

Life's tough, but how often do we stress over the smallest things that really aren’t worth bringing us down? As you navigate the...

Jack of All Trades - Master of None?

You've likely heard the saying "A Jack of all trades is a master of none", but what's left off is the remaining (redeeming) part: "but...

Tax Update on Employee Benefits

Below is a tax-focused update on a few employee benefit related topics that might be inquired about.

Simply Tax Podcast!

There's no right or wrong, it's about finding your why and the best fit for you!

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