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Tax Week in a Nutshell – 5.15.20

Final regs, proposed regs, notices, huge legislative packages, and the usual - PPP probs. Check out your tax week in a nutshell!

House Drops HEROES Act

Highlights of the HEROES Act. Key tax-related provisions of the latest COVID-19 bill from D.C.

Crowdfunding Gone Wrong

Crowdfunding can be a great way to start a business if done right. Here's a lesson on what not to do!

Tax Week In A Nutshell

Letters to Mnuchin, I [don't] see dead people [returning checks], and some good news for foreign workers, trusts and estates.

Tax Aspects of Selling a Gifted Home

Tax consequences of selling gifted property depend on a few things, largely including basis and what is done with the home after the gift.

Charitable Giving & Taxes

The tax landscape for itemized deductions has changed donating post-tax reform, but charitable giving strategies still exist!

Tax Update on Employee Benefits

Below is a tax-focused update on a few employee benefit related topics that might be inquired about.

Iowa's Geothermal Tax Credit is Back

Two important changes to the new Iowa Geothermal Credit are that taxpayers must apply for the credit, and there is now a $1M credit cap.

Simply Tax Podcast!

There's no right or wrong, it's about finding your why and the best fit for you!

BEAT at 10,000 Feet

If you’ve been hearing new terms post-TCJA and are unsure about them all, you’re not alone! Likely you’ve tackled the new provisions most...

Partnership Schedule K-1 Changes

Tax reform changed not only the law, but the forms that implement these changes as well. My article in the AICPA's The Tax Adviser...

2018 Tax Year Section 965 Reporting

With tax reform making major changes to the international scene, a lot of tax preparers have had to delve into the international world of...

Put Your Form 990 to Work

If you’re in the nonprofit world, you likely have heard before that a Form 990 is more than just a tax return and also can be used as a...


If you are on Twitter and are a tax nerd, you no doubt know about #TaxValentines. It's my favorite tax day of the year! To celebrate,...

Intro to Tax Reform - Video

This video is my tax reform basics presentation that I recorded for the benefit of anyone wanting to learn about key business and...

New FMLA Employer Tax Credit Worth Your While?

Things in theory are sometimes better or easier than in practice. I like the idea behind this new credit, but the administrative nuances...

How to Respond to An IRS Notice In 4 Steps

Fantastic. Going through your mail and there lies the dreaded IRS logo staring you down in the pile. Initial reactions for me range...

Consider a Side Job After Tax Reform

Side hustle, gig, moonlighting, consulting - whatever you want to call it - if you’ve been thinking about starting your own business, now...

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