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If you are on Twitter and are a tax nerd, you no doubt know about #TaxValentines. It's my favorite tax day of the year! To celebrate, tax people write punny tax poems, called Tax Valentines. Here are mine from this year, plus bonus from years past. Enjoy! xo

I see you looking at corps,

But there's no need to flip.

You'll get 199A and special allocations,

From this partnership.


How I love thee

Let me count the ways..

Wait I need 20% off this rental,

We're not staying more than 14 days.


Regs for days, with a rate slash that won't quit! TCJA - so hot right now.


Roses red,

This girl blue.

I'm working all Saturday,

How about you?


Home office deduction is where the heart is.


I'm sorry to say it,

But my love is on the descent.

It carries forward to our future

At only 80%.


Loving you is no passive activity,

You bring to my life a strong fizz.

I'm continuously devoted,

Like a Section 162 trade or biz.


How I love thee

Let me count the way

My love is more vast than confusion

On interpreting M&E and 199A


Used to buy you presents

With money saved riding my bicycle.

Now they won't reimburse me,

Please say you're not fickle.


I'll never like kind exchange you..(now)


My love for you falls down,

In a powerful hailstorm.

But you still run away,

Like casualty loss in tax reform.

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