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Living the Tax Life

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Here I am, a normalish 30-something girl spending a good portion of her free time voluntarily thinking about tax. I knew I had a problem when I stayed up nearly all night to read and summarize 1100 pages of tax reform that dropped December of 2017. Mind you no one asked me to do this, but I felt excited and that what I was doing mattered because so many people had so many questions, and I knew I could help.

‘Get a life!’ you might say...touché…but instead, I have decided to lean into it and write a tax blog where I can share my business knowledge, insight and updates to tax law. If one person finds it helpful, it’s a win in my book.

They say do what you know – and I know tax. I'm well over a decade into my tax career where I have dabbled in most areas of the tax code over that time, working in both public accounting and private company tax roles. From financial institutions to nonprofits, small business to large international corporations, farmers to socialites, and even the highly specialized insurance tax world – I’m a glutton for punishment and am learning it all!

That is one thing, other than tax, which has remained constant over the different professional paths I’ve taken; I enjoy learning, knowing the ‘why’ behind things, and also sharing that information with others in a way that is easier to digest when compared to reading straight from our complex tax code. This makes sense because back in the day, a career as a college professor was on my radar before I strayed into public accounting. But I figured that to really know – you must do, so I did and am very grateful for the twists and turns in my career that have made me who I am today. Now I am reminiscing on those earlier aspirations and hopefully getting my knowledge sharing fix by way of this blog.

Thanks and enjoy!

Amie K

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