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Tax Week In A Nutshell 6.19.20

PPP 2.0, Main Street Lending launch, PPP made EZ, and EIP clarifications in this week's recap of tax(ish) news.

Listen, Learn, Grow

This week is dedicated to using my tiny platform to recognize and amplify the diverse voices of other great tax and business professionals.

Tax Week in a Nutshell - 5.29.20

Since all the upcoming concerts have been cancelled, I figured a musical medley of tax news might cheer us up.

Tax Week in a Nutshell – 5.15.20

Final regs, proposed regs, notices, huge legislative packages, and the usual - PPP probs. Check out your tax week in a nutshell!

House Drops HEROES Act

Highlights of the HEROES Act. Key tax-related provisions of the latest COVID-19 bill from D.C.

Crowdfunding Gone Wrong

Crowdfunding can be a great way to start a business if done right. Here's a lesson on what not to do!

Tax Week In A Nutshell

Letters to Mnuchin, I [don't] see dead people [returning checks], and some good news for foreign workers, trusts and estates.

Tax Aspects of Selling a Gifted Home

Tax consequences of selling gifted property depend on a few things, largely including basis and what is done with the home after the gift.

It's Not Business, It's Personal

Businesses must make difficult decisions based on financial factors. How you execute those decisions and communicate is everything!

Building Mental Strength at Work

Life's tough, but how often do we stress over the smallest things that really aren’t worth bringing us down? As you navigate the...

20/10 for 2020

"Hindsight is 20/20" says looking back on an event after its occurrence shows what we should or could have done instead. If only there...

Jack of All Trades - Master of None?

You've likely heard the saying "A Jack of all trades is a master of none", but what's left off is the remaining (redeeming) part: "but...

Charitable Giving & Taxes

The tax landscape for itemized deductions has changed donating post-tax reform, but charitable giving strategies still exist!

Tax Update on Employee Benefits

Below is a tax-focused update on a few employee benefit related topics that might be inquired about.

Iowa's Geothermal Tax Credit is Back

Two important changes to the new Iowa Geothermal Credit are that taxpayers must apply for the credit, and there is now a $1M credit cap.

Simply Tax Podcast!

There's no right or wrong, it's about finding your why and the best fit for you!

BEAT at 10,000 Feet

If you’ve been hearing new terms post-TCJA and are unsure about them all, you’re not alone! Likely you’ve tackled the new provisions most...

Partnership Schedule K-1 Changes

Tax reform changed not only the law, but the forms that implement these changes as well. My article in the AICPA's The Tax Adviser...

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