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Tax News In A Nutshell - 01.04.21

A new Congress, Senate race, stimulus checks, and your opportunity to give the SBA a PPPiece of your mind!

Tax News In A Nutshell - 12.28.20

After nearly a week of uncertainty on the stimulus bills fate, it was signed by the President. Details inside!

Tax News In A Nutshell - 12.21.20

Congress brings a stimulus package home for the holidays! Details are evolving but highlights are here.

Tax News In a Nutshell - 12.14.20

The SBA has a case of the Mondays, continued stimulus saga, AICPA asks for penalty relief, and plenty of guidance in today's Nutshell!

Tax News In a Nutshell - 12.7.20

Rekindled stimulus talks, viral PPP data, pot bill passed, and a look at charitable giving strategies in this week's highlights.

Tax News In A Nutshell - 11.30.20

Check out who might take over the Treasury, stimulus news, new like-kind exchange rules, and even what I consider to be a fun fact!

Tax News In a Nutshell - 11.23.20

The PPP saga continues with unfavorable guidance and the IRS dangles a Tax Pro Account carrot.

Tax News In A Nutshell - 11.16.20

SALT cap workaround gets a green light, PPP sees a yellow caution, and the Tax Court flashes bright red for one taxpayer.

Tax News in A Nutshell - 11.9.20

Find out why Georgia is on everyone's mind, state ballot measure outcomes, and a PPP update!

Tax News in a Nutshell - 11.2.20

Find resources to make an informed vote, details on the PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire, SECURE Act 2.0, and Form 1099-NEC reminder!

Tax Week in a Nutshell - 10.26.20

A new PPP questionnaire, changes to tax basis capital account reporting for partnerships, and a gambler’s win over the IRS!

Tax Week in a Nutshell 10.19.20

See what’s up in D.C., QBI changes, how FBAR filers got extra filing time, and why contracts need to be detailed in this week's nutshell.

Tax Week In A Nutshell 10.12.20

PPP is back in the forefront, stimulus talks get confusing, the IRS gets hip, and a pinch of SALT round out this week's highlights.

Tax Nutshell - A Final Bow

The Tax Nutshell's last hurrah! Check out what's been going on in tax the last 3 weeks. D.C. updates and over 30 links to the latest!

Two-Week Tax Nutshell 7.16.20

A 2 for 1 special looking at what might be in coronavirus relief round 4 and details on new partnership schedules K-2 and K-3.

Tax Week in a Nutshell – 7.5.20

A dead deadline, Frankenstein PPP, 2018 carryback confusion, potential PPP and UI legislation, and casually thinking about casualty losses.

Tax Week In A Nutshell 6.19.20

PPP 2.0, Main Street Lending launch, PPP made EZ, and EIP clarifications in this week's recap of tax(ish) news.

Listen, Learn, Grow

This week is dedicated to using my tiny platform to recognize and amplify the diverse voices of other great tax and business professionals.

Tax Week in a Nutshell - 5.29.20

Since all the upcoming concerts have been cancelled, I figured a musical medley of tax news might cheer us up.

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